Call for Papers

Today materials have influenced practically in all the fields of human life. Recent advances in material research, including but not limited to, polymeric materials and metallic materials for engineering, catalytic, biological, energy, optical and electromagnetic applications. Various scaffolds used in human body have inspired the spirit of medical, dental and pharmaceutical fields. Semiconductors, liquid crystals, conducting polymers, etc. have enriched electronic and sensor fields. Membrane technology has contributed immensely in providing clean water to public. Nanomaterials have occupied the space in wastewater treatment, medicine, pharmacy, optics, etc. With the current impetus on Make in India policy of Union Government of India, many startups and established industries are thriving to invest into materials research. The conference will provide a platform for sharing research work, and networking with industries to develop industry - academia collaborations. ICAMR- 2019 will be a forum for presentation and discussion of recent advances in all fields of materials science and nanomaterials.

1. Polymer Matrix Composites

2. Metal and Polymer Alloys

3. Metal-Matrix Composites

4. Ceramic Matrix Composites

5. Processing, Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Composites

6. Tribological Properties of Composites

1. Homogeneous Catalytic Materials

2. Heterogeneous Catalytic Materials

1. Scaffolds and Antimicrobial Materials

2. Drug Design and Delivery

3. Implant Materials

1. Semiconductors and Composites

2. Liquid Crystals

3. Conducting Polymers

1. Green materials

2. Photonic materials

3. Multi ferroic and magnetic materials

4. Carbon and related materials

5. Energy materials

6. Theoretical modelling and computer simulations

7. Shape Memory Alloys and Self-Healing Materials

8. Magneto caloric and Thermoelectric materials

9. Polycaprolactone and Electroactive polymers

10. Super alloys

Important Dates

1. Call for Abstracts: From 30th March to 30th May 2019

2. Notification of acceptance of abstracts: 20th June 2019

3. Dead line for submission of full Length Paper: 5thJuly 2019

4. Registration dates: On or before 15th July 2019