Plenary Speakers

Dr. C.S. Gopinath is Chair, Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry Division, CSIR – National Chemical Laboratory Pune and well known material scientist. He has published several research articles with special emphasis on catalytic and energy materials. His contributions in this field are immense and students from his laboratory have spread across globe. His research group is focused in understanding the fundamentals of surface catalytic reactions on the real-world complex catalytic materials at a molecular level, and to suggest the ways to control the surface catalytic reactions based on the molecular level understanding. This has led to the development of highly active and/or selective catalysts, which might help to solve the critical issues of highly selective chemical processes in different catalytic reactions.
Dr. Kishan is a global technology leader with in depth understanding of various aspects of chemical technology like Organic chemistry, Catalysis, Polymer science and Process technology. He is involved in resource management, strategy and planning. He has been awarded several patents in the field of Polymers and Catalysis. Dr. Kishan has commercialized various processes and has received CV Raman Award, most valuable award, super achiever award, etc.
Dr. Vinod Prabhakaran works in the field of surface science with special emphasize on understanding nanoscale catalysis phenomena. He has designed new functional nanomaterials for catalytic application that require a molecular level understanding on the bond breaking and making process on the catalyst surface. His research group is involved in the creation of flat model catalyst surfaces or structured nanoparticles and employ surface sensitive technique like X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) and high resolution microscopes like STM/AFM and HRTEM to arrive at structure vs activity correlations
Dr. Prashantha is a well-established polymer scientist. He has made novel and significant contributions to advanced polymeric nanocomposites materials and multifunctional materials. His works include interpenetrating polymer networks, carbon nanotube filled polymeric composites, shape memory polymer materials, process and development of bio based polymeric materials, etc. He has travelled extensively to deliver lectures of his expertise. He has received various research funding from different funding agencies such as French regional research funding and more importantly works with many industrial projects.
Dr. Virendra Kumar Gupta’s research and technology interests are into high performance plastics and elastomers; polyolens catalysis and products including ultrahigh molecular weight polyolens; biopolymers including carbon dioxide plastics, ionomers and C4 based polyisobutylene products. Specialty PVC and elastomeric products. He is directing and implementing research and technology program in polyolens products and catalysts, PVC process and products. He has expertise in elastomers - PBR, SBR, butyl rubber and halobutyl rubber and high performance plastics.
Dr. Balaram Sahoo obtained his M. Sc. (Physics) degree from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, and M. Tech (Met. Engg. & Mat. Sc.) Degree from IIT Bombay, Mumbai. He received his Ph.D. (Natural Sciences) in the year 2006, from University of Duisburg-Essen, Duisburg, Germany. He worked as a post-doctoral scientist (Environmental Science) at the Swiss Light Source, Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen PSI, Switzerland. He, also, worked as a post-doctoral scientist (Photon Science) at PETRA III, in Hamburg Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (HASYLAB), Hamburg, Germany. He has been a faculty member of MRC, IISc., since 2012. Dr. Sahoo’s research group is actively working on developing the cutting edge technologies and performing high level research in materials synthesis, characterization, property measurement and device fabrication using a wide variety of materials and hybrid systems.
Dr. Numbury Surendra Babu obtained Ph.D. from S.K. University, Anantapur, India. He has over 15 years of teaching and research experience and published more than 40 research articles in several reputed journals. He is supervising several Ph.D. and post graduate students. His research interests include computational design of Dye-sensitized solar cells and polymer solar cells. He has delivered several talks on computational quantum chemistry and design of organic solar cells in India and abroad.
Dr. Mahesh B, Obtained his B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. from the University of Mysore. His Major research interests include Natural chemistry, Peptide-based polymers, Biosensors, and electrochemical sensors and synthetic organic chemistry. He has authored more than 30 research papers in peer-reviewed international and national journals as well as in conferences, and 04 textbooks. Dr. Mahesh is supervising 06 students for their Ph.D. degree and guided 01 M.Phil. Student. He has delivered several invited talks at international/national conferences. Dr. Mahesh has received several research grants from state and central government agencies. His research group is mainly focused on the development economically viable novel peptide-based polymeric materials for the wound therapy. He is serving as Reviewer for several peer reviewed journals. He is the member of several professional bodies.
Dr. Raghavendra obtained his doctoral degree from Gulbarga University. He is Associate Professor in electrical engineering department at Electrical Engineering Department of Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE. His research interests include RF/Microwave materials, EMI/RFI shielding, high value utilization of fly ash, micro strip antennas, magnetic substrate antennas, composite materials, fly ash, conducting polymers, low frequency characterization and transport properties.